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Color Laboratory Audience

Who should use this tool?

This tool is targeted primarily at web designers, by whom I mean the individuals responsible for creating the overall look and feel for a web site or single web page. In particular, if you have control over the specific colors used for text, links, headers, background, highlighting, etc, then this tool is for you. A major secondary target includes any other media authors and designers. While the color laboratory is optimized for use by web designers (the web-safe color palette, the use of RRGGBB hexadecimal color codes), other designers can benefit from the ability to simulate color-blind perception. Examples include print and television advertising, corporate identity design, and public sign development.

Web designers are assumed to be familiar with the hexadecimal RRGGBB notation used for color specification in HTML and CSS, and are also assumed to be familiar with the notion of a 216 color 'web-safe palette'. For more information, consult the HTML 4.01 specification to read about color notation, or check's FAQ to learn more about the web-safe palette.

This tool deals primarily with colors. If you do not have normal color vision, this tool will probably be of less use to you. Our goal is to help those with normal color vision see how things look to those with deficient color vision.

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