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Color Laboratory Quickstart

If the color laboratory fails to function using the following instructions, please read our requirements page before reporting any bugs to

Three Simple Steps

If you are reading this documentation in the swatches frame (you would see a colorpicker palette in a frame above and to the left of this text), then please read all three steps before following these directions. As you start selecting swatches, this documentation will be replaced by a swatch table.

  1. In the controls frame (upper right), select the most appropriate gamma setting and click the button to show the simulation controls.
  2. In the colorpicker frame (upper left), click on four or five colors. Color swatches should appear in the swatches frame (the large frame in the middle).
  3. Start playing with the options in the controls frame (upper right), and clicking on the small icons in the individual swatches in the swatches frame (the large frame in the middle).

When in Doubt, Read the Directions

If the above is insufficiently clear, you can learn more about which frames are which in the color laboratory overview, or read detailed documentation for the colorpicker frame, the controls frame, or the swatches frame.

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